Wildlife Gardens

Wildlife Gardening

With gardens taking up thousands of square miles of the British landscape and wild areas of the countryside disapearing at an alarming rate, wildlife friendly gardening is playing an increasingly critical role in nature conservation. Our background in wildlife conservation and land management gives us a unique insight into how gardening techniques can improve the wildlife in your garden.


Sustainable Gardens

Sustainable gardening looks to create havens for wildlife whilst reducing the gardens carbon footprint. It focuses on encouraging the use of recycled and renewable rescourses, promoting biodiversity and conservation, and takes on an organic approach to gardening


Make sure there is something in flower right through the season

Grow a good mixture of flower types,

Grow plants with a long flowering season.

Allow areas of lawn to grow long and encourage plants like clover to flower.

In our gardens, we follow these principles:

  • Garden to organic standards.
  • Use non peat based products.
  • Compost garden waste.
  • Use local nurseries that propagate and grow their own plants.

Eco Garden Care